Black money has been a serious threat to the country since a long time and has caused serious damage to its economy. A great effort has been put into its control but so far we have gained very little success.

Finally, on 8th November a major step was taken. Prime Minister Modi, on a mission to MODIfy India, declared the discontinuation of the 500 and 1000 notes. Instead, notes of 2000 and a furnished version of 500 notes will appear. The new ones may look quite fancy in comparison with the old ones.

Take a look.

This is surely eye catchy.

10 beautiful currencies around the globe (last updated 12th Aug 2017).

1. Australian dollar

Country: Australia

1 USD = 1.27 Australia Dollar

Symbol: $, A$ or AUD

As of 2011, the Australian dollar is the fifth most traded currency. It accounts for 7.6% of the world’s daily share.

2. Deutsche Mark

Country: German

1 USD = 1.72 Deutsche Mark

Symbol: DM

The Deutsche Mark (also called German mark) had a reputation as one of the world’s most stable currencies. This miraculous achievement was based on the monetary policy of the Bundesbank.

3. Serbian Dinar

Country: Serbia

1 USD = 101.14 Serbian Dinar

Symbol: RSD

The currency has a long history of existence. The earliest use of the dinar dates back to 1214.

4. Ngultrum

Country: Bhutan

1 USD = 64.13 Ngultrum

Symbol: BTN

Trust me, I have no idea how to pronounce this.

The Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan is the minting authority of the Ngultrum banknotes and coins.

5. Renminbi

Country: Chinese

1 USD = 6.66 Chinese Yuan

Symbol: CNY

If the fascinating dragon fails to amaze you, then you have no soul.

6. Egyptian Pound

Country: Egypt

1 USD = 17.18 Egyptian Pound


The Egyptians know how to put their faith on the cover of their currencies. This is fascinatin in every possible way.

7. Russian ruble

Country: Russia

1 USD = 59.83 Russian Ruble

Symbol: RUB

The ruble was previously known as the currency of the Russian Empire and of the Soviet Union (as Soviet ruble) before it was dissolved.

8. Riyal

Country: Qatar

1 USD = 3.64 Qatari Rial

Symbol: QR or ر.ق

Until 1966, Qatar used the Indian rupee as currency, in the form of Gulf rupees. When India devalued the rupee in 1966, Qatar, along with the other states using the Gulf rupee, chose to introduce their own currency.

9. Krone

Country: Norway

1 USD = 7.77 Norwegian Krone

Symbol: NOK

It is subdivided into 100 øre, which exist only electronically since 2012. The name translates into English as crown.

10. Indonesian rupiah

Country: Indonesia

1 USD = 13363.00 Indonesian Rupiah

Symbol: IDR

The name “rupiah” is derived from the HindI word rupiyaa, ultimately from Sanskrit rupya.