India’s leading long form narrative magazine Caravan has done a chilling investigation on Justice Loya’s death and the media remain silent. In fact most of the media houses have shied away to report about it. Loya’s family did not spoke to media after his death but Loya’s niece approached Caravan’s journalist Niranjan Takle, after Takle had several meetings with Loya’s sisters and his father; some very perplexed and deeply emerging questions took place about Loya’s death. The family also told about the threats and inducements which Loya faced while he was presiding over the Sohrabuddin case. It is indeed a truth that there are inconsistencies in the case and something not so usual happening like;

  1. About informing of his death to his family.
  2. About the procedure of his death.
  3. Why weren’t he was taken to a good hospital.
  4. About the condition of his body when it was handed over to his family.
  5. Including, the post mortem as well

Though the family asked for an inquiry to probe Loya’s death but none of the thing was ever done. In a country like ours, nothing costs you more than asking for truth.

Loya’s family was informed that he died because of cardiac arrest and so he was taken to Dande hospital by an auto rickshaw where he was medicated with very less facilities and so he was again taken to another hospital where he was declared dead on the arrival, later it was discovered by Loya’s sister that the second hospital Meditrina did not had the ECG unit at the facility. The fact that hits me hard is that, why was Loya taken to such hospitals? Is this the kind of treatment a judge of Supreme Court gets from his country? However, all the situations ought to be very odd and that is why it came out to be suspicious.

Another part of the story was that; Sohrabuddin case was the only one that Loya was hearing at the time of his death, Supreme Court also ordered that the trial in the case will be done outside the state in Maharashtra, SC also ordered that the trial must be heard by the same judge from start to finish but the order was violated and JT Utpat, the judge who first heard the trial was transferred by CBI special court in mid 2014 and was replaced by Loya. After all this, the MP’s from Trinamool Congress protested outside the parliament so as to demand an inquiry on Loya’s death, Sohrabuddin’s brother Rubabuddin wrote a letter to CBI, he expressed his shock at Loya’s death but none of these things mattered to anybody. No follow up stories appeared.

The revelations made by Loya’s sister, father and others form a really different scene and along with Takle, who himself investigated the case, talked to all those people who dealt with Loya’s body after he was found dead are raising extreme dreadful questions, some very critical questions are:

  1. Who shifted Loya’s body after his death from Dande hospital and why was it not done by a government vehicle or an ambulance?
  2. Who was that relative who signed the post mortem report, Judge Loya’s father says that we don’t have any paternal relative in Nagpur so who was he?
  3. Ordinarily after the post mortem, the body must be wrapped in some cloth or hospital gown but here Judge Loya’s body was put back in his own clothes which are very odd.
  4. Do Dande hospital or the Meditrina hospital have records of Loya’s medication, who was there with him at that time?
  5. Is it possible that a person who is in good health dies of a cardiac arrest all of a sudden, and that too when he did not have any cardiac history?

All this stinks badly. So far, the Indian media did not bother to raise their voice against the mysterious death of a judge. Nonetheless, these claims strike at the centre of the judicial system that we all are a part of. This is really something which if we don’t get to the bottom of the core we’ll have to say goodbye to the prospect of rule of law or of cases involving powerful people ever being holding out.