There is a lot to legal translation, much more than simply taking written text and converting it into another language. It is vital that translators have a deep knowledge of the law and can make the translated text flow clearly. In legal translation, it is important that the translator is not only good at translation but also has specialized legal knowledge as well. In legal translation, there is no room for error, so it is important to choose the right translator. 

Machine translation is a great tool to use when trying to obtain a very basic translation but it is not ideal for translating more complicated and important documents such as legal documents. It is necessary to hire a linguistic expert in order to translate documents correctly and to avoid costly mistakes.

1. Poor Productivity

Legal translation errors will make you look like unprofessional that will affect your brand reputation and the productivity that can cost you a lot of money. It will require do-overs and will take more time to correct the mistakes that were made.

2. Loss of Profitability

Quality always increases profitability. If the quality of your work is low, then your profits would also be less. When in business with other companies, the parties agree to certain terms. If there are changes in those terms due to translation, your key deals can fall through. Errors in legal transcription can be a death sentence for a company.

3. Customer Satisfaction Will be Affected

If the quality of transcribed documents is compromised, then this will directly affect the customer in a negative way. This will hurt the reputation of the company and customers will take their business elsewhere.

4. Costs Will Increase

Quality directly affects costs. If a company tries to save money by cutting corners and hiring a less expensive transcriptionist with low quality, then the product, in this case, the legal documents, will suffer. If the legal documents are not transcribed to the level of quality that they need to be, this could cost the company a substantial amount of lawsuits and business. Poor Birth certificate translations are a corporate liability.

Be Picky When it Comes to Picking a Translator

It is important to choose a translator with the skills necessary to get the job done not only in a timely fashion but also accurately. They should be fluent in the language that needs to be translated and very knowledgeable of the legal systems of all the countries involved.

They should also be acquainted with the terminology in the original document and able to decode the language and convey the original meaning of the context. They should also be briefed on the intent of use and purpose of the translated document and detail-orientated.

It is also very valuable for a translator to have the knowledge of the names of State authorities along with the understanding of phraseological combinations and idiomatic expressions. Speed and accuracy are important but translation errors cannot be accepted, so accuracy is much more important than speed.