Parties are always fun, calling your friends over and spending time with them is the best de-stress technique in the world. Having said that, organising a party can be a bit of work though. Deciding a theme, shopping, doing arrangements like decorations, cooking and seating settings can be a bit of tiring. So this calls for some planning and creative ideas to keep the fun alive. How about getting some hot pizzas in a pan and relaxing corner of your house, sounds like a fun plan, right? Dial up the best centre for pizza in San Mateo now, and get the party started. Get your guest list ready and begin the preparations, with these fun ideas.

1. Set a theme: Be it the décor, food or any particular props, a theme adds a fun factor to your party. Also deciding on a theme makes the further work easy, as then you know how you have to set the table what kind of food you have to cook or order. Just decide a theme, and you are ready to go. If pizzas are on your menu list, then it is just plus point.

2. A welcome punch: No wait, before you think of me as someone violent and disrespecting to the guest, let me clarify, I am talking about the welcome drinks here. When your guests arrive, offering them a welcome drink is the best way to make the feel relaxed. You can keep few options in it if you know your guests well.

3. DIY toppings for guests: This one is one of the cool ways of making your guest feel more engaged and happy. What you have to do is just keep the pizza base ready, with the different options of toppings aside, let them choose one for themselves and make their personalised pizzas. You can do the same with the desserts too.

4. Bring games on board: Yes, you got that right, board games never fail to liven up the mood. If you are the sporty one, then it is the best way to bond with people. So arrange for some cool board games, and make your guests comfortable, it is one part that everybody enjoys, trust me.

5.Remember to relax: Parties can be tiring too, if they are all about rush and hush, so it is very important to make your guests comfortable and relax a bit. You can organise a session to chill, get your cocktails and mocktails ready and keep a corner with comfortable sitting arrangements. Let your guest kick off their shoes and lie down comfortably while discussing life and fun moments.

6.End on a sweet note: That is a golden rule to wrap up a party. Prepare a yummy dessert and just sneak it in your relaxing session. If you want you can go the DIY topping way here too. Keep the sprinklers and choco chips handy.

Parties and get-togethers are a must if you want to keep things lively and full of fun. Do not look for excuses to shy away from them. Attend and organise such events whenever you get a chance.