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Justifynow is an online magazine that aims to make the world hear you. It’s your time to rise and shine & let the world know about your thoughts.

It’s a magazine of the people, by the people and for the people.

We know the value of words and how strong they are.

Words can deliver a thousand emotions and those emotions can share a thousand stories.



What’s the best? What’s trending?

Here you will get to explore everything that’s been rocking the world. Stay ahead of the world.

Get your curiosity cap on and set out on an adventure to find about some of the most bizarre and interesting facts of the world.

Feel the thrill of being a kid again!

The world is beautiful, we just need to realize it.



What’s the greatest thing about you?

Are you a poet? A writer? A painter? A photographer or someone who holds a distinctive view on the society?

It is the time to emerge.

It is the time to break out of the shell and emerge.

Every individual is meant to grow, and here is your time.

Show the world what’s the greatest thing about you.



Every face has a story!

So share your story!

Every individual exists for a reason and every existence webs a story.

If it matters to you, it matters to us.

We have lived and every life has learnt lessons.

Share it! Teach others and let’s learn.

You can tell your story or suggest your thoughts with us.