Marvel Cinematic Universe came out with their first film Iron Man in 2008, and since then they have released 17 films and have plans for the future releases.

All of their films have received mixed to positive reaction and all of them have been financially successful.

They finally released the trailer to the much-anticipated Avenger: Infinity war.

The trailer has been receiving the positive reaction from fans, and it is all set to hit the theaters following year.

Here are three things that you should be expecting to see in the movie.


1. Adam Warlock making his grand entrance.

Adam Warlock plays a huge role in the comic book series Infinity Gauntlet.

It was hinted in Thor: The dark world and Guardians of the galaxy that he is present in the universe.

He was set to make his debut in the movie in the movie Guardians of the Galaxy 2, although director James Gunn believed it will make the movie confusing as it already introduces so many characters already.

We hope Adam Warlock does make his grand entrance here.


2. Introduction of celestial bodies

Adam Warlock seeks help from celestial bodies like Galactus, Lord Chaos, Love and Hate, Kronos, Eternity and many more.

They play vital role in the story.

So far MCU has not introduced other celestial beings.

So it is obvious to wonder how MCU is going to fill that part.


3. Captain America taking on Thanos

Thanos had become the most powerful entity in the whole universe with the help of all the gems, and he had erased the identity of superheroes like Daredevil, X men, Fantastic four by snapping his fingers, literally.

At one point, Captain America is standing face to face to Thanos, despite the odds, he refuses to give up.

Although the part plays a significant role in pushing the story forward, but the panel showcases how adamant Captain America is.

He has no superpowers at all, but he has unshakable willpower.