Technology has come a long way. There was a day when it was believed that technology may lead us on a menacing path but all the speculations were proved wrong. Now we are set to colonize and probably ruin other planets. Well, those speculations might be turning true; but as far as we have something interesting to talk about, it can’t be bad.

Technology has drastically changed the way we live our life. We do not carry cds anymore; we have limited the number of times we interact with people; we do not go to the stores physically to get the things we need, even the things we need on a daily basis, or we do not rely on books or elders for our curious questions.

Life has become easier but the quality of life is degrading.

We are still sad and tragic; we are just getting better at hiding it.

The Big Four

The Big Four of thrash metal?

We won’t be talking about them today.

We are talking about the Big Four of an internet. We are talking about Google, Amazon, Apple, and Facebook.

They have given us the basic requirements to give up the real world and start to spend more time in the virtual world.

Competitors or allies?

These companies are known for being the elites of their respective fields.

Google is the most popular and effective search engine. They have given us a lot of features necessary to run a successful business and personal life; that’s even for free. That’s a word you don’t hear often these days.

Facebook made a breakthrough when social networking sites like Orkut, MySpace were already popular. Facebook not only made a name for them but played the crucial role in the downfall of their competitors. Today Facebook is not only a billion dollar company but they are the most popular and engaging social network.

Amazon didn’t plan to proceed as an online market but they changed the world with their sharp and brilliant execution. It was never believed that an online market can work but they proved the world wrong.

Apple brought revolution in the field of hardware tech. They gave quality and revolutionary interactive devices. Steve Jobs always made it clear that he aimed at delivering the best. Apple ignited a series f copycat devices but none were able to match the quality.

So should they fear the existence of other?

Google acquired Youtube and over the past few years it turned out to be the best decision Google ever made. Youtube replaced Facebook from the second position.

Should they intervene in each other’s field?

Google is trying to take over the social networking market with their Google+, a social networking site owned by Google. Google+ is quite popular but unfortunately failed to beat the popularity of Facebook. Although, the way Google has launched so many successful applications over the years, it is surreal to see Google is failing to make an impact in other fields.

Their mobile product failed to grasp the market.

One can assume Google is not trying hard enough.


What’s wrong in taking over all the fields and be the sole company to rule the market?

Once you are the sole company, people won’t have any option but to rely on Google solely. Even if they start to charge for their services, people won’t have an option but to pay.

Theoretically, it sounds like a nice idea but reality can hit you hard.

Competition actually boosts the market.

You can either work hard to keep your empire in check or join other companies to rule a shared empire.

They can promote each other to boost their sales.

If everyone can be happy, there is no need to upset anyone.

This is an ingenious strategy. There is a reason why all these giants not only reached the summit but stayed there for so any years.

Do you need an Apple product? You will search for the models on Google. Once you are in dilemma, they will show you dozens of ads on Facebook including various versions and models. Amazon will make sure to fuel your desire by showing all sorts of Apple products available I your budget based on your previous purchases. It may even give you a discount if you buy through Amazon.

You can get any other product besides Apple but Apple has made a name for them for being the classiest and the best. You will eventually pick Apple; if not now, maybe later at some point of life.

Why should we bother about it?

Why? Why should we concern?

Why read an article that’s probably a lot of people already know?


These companies have done a lot to make our life easier. There should not be anything to worry about it.

There is a reason though.

How many companies came out in recent years that challenged these companies?

Not even a single video sharing site or app made it big in recent few years.

They not only promote each other but they make sure they can halt the progress of any rising company that may prove fatal to the success of these companies.

If you are making a new search engine or an online market, the best possible place to promote your new work is to do on Facebook.

And do you think Facebook will support it?

Many online markets tried to come out in the past recent years but they couldn’t leave the same impact. The most prominent reason is the lack of support from any major giant from other fields.

Unfortunately, same goes for any other startup from other fields.


Once the market becomes a monopoly, people are compelled to follow the rules established by the monopoly. They lose the opportunity to lose.

Competition is necessary for the progress of mankind.

It needs to be healthy.

People are lacking choices and thus they are losing the quality of life.

There need to be more options.

Maybe the rise of technology or internet to be specific, provided more options to choose from, but the option is deteriorating slowly.

All these giants are seizing away the opportunity of new startups to flourish.


– Greg (Liverpool)