If you solved the problem on your first attempt, then you didn’t do it right.

This is the basic formula of life.

We seem to calculate the possibilities and outcome of a certain event or phenomena, but we always neglect the error.

Every calculation is prone to errors.

In the end, your intention will push you. If there are errors, your intention will provide the required motivation and determination.

Remember the important meeting where you made it barely on time. You probably prepared for the meeting but didn’t account for the traffic.

Calculated results usually don’t consider the errors.

Why is it so important?

A lot of people put their heart and soul but fail to get the desired results.

Most of us do what we have been told, sometimes we have no clue what we are doing, let alone why we are doing!

The lack of a concrete intention leads us to failure.

We calculated the possible result but we failed to consider the errors.

We blame luck, timing, and mostly others for our failures.

Lady luck follows the one who has an intention and belief on his choice.

Should we stop calculating?

There are people who live in the moment.

They don’t care for what the future holds.

A lot of us envy people like them, they seem to not have any care in the world.

Their childish nature is probably the reason behind their charm and cheerfulness.

So should we quit making calculations?

In fact, we need to do the opposite.

Make calculations, but be ready for the errors or obstacles.

Life is not as easy as it seems, and when things don’t happen the way we desire, we deem it unfair.

Errors prove that we do not know everything; the will to solve the error will determine our success.