The quality of air is getting continues to be dangerous, this is the worst and most harmful Delhi could see and feel. The haziness which is witnessed is usually smog which obstructs visibility and due to it, many accidents took place. The worsening air quality in Delhi has left everybody in dilemma about how to continue living there because it has grown as a major problem which is highly injurious.  

Reasons for Delhi Pollution:

  • Smog is so poisonous and it may create many health hazards like it may trigger asthmatic attacks and other breathing complications, the advisory has stated.


  • The common sources for air pollution in the national capital were mentioned in the advisory, it includes motor vehicles emissions, particularly diesel vehicles, industry-based pollution, construction activities and roadside dust, household combustion devices such as wood and coal among others.


  • Dust pollution by large-scale construction activities going on in the NCR including the metro construction.


  • Next comes is the vehicular traffic which is a big problem.


  • Firecrackers on Diwali have made the situation even worse for a city like Delhi, already suffering from these major problems.


If this would not be treated immediately with concern then over a period of time it may lead to respiratory problems and heart diseases.

Delhi has been witnessing high pollution levels, as thick smog covered the city.

Delhi’s air getting worse government has taken some tougher emergency measures:

  • The Delhi government has told on Wednesday that schools up till class V to be shut down, also all the outdoor activities are stopped in schools.


  • As the Indian Medical Association (IMA) asked called for taking proper steps to keep children out of the hazardous air pollution levels. EPCA has put a banned on all the civil construction and demolition activities happening in Delhi.


  • People are going out with masks on their faces because of the alarming pollution level, as the toxic haze is hanging over Delhiites.


  • The Delhi government has issued an advisory; urging Delhiites to use carpooling and public transport, to stay indoors and not to smoke. It is also urged to stop morning and evening walks as a precaution, not to burn dry leaves, waste, wood, coal etc.


  • Treatment in all government hospitals will be free. Anyone feeling palpitation or breathlessness is advised to visit the nearest hospital as soon as possible.


  • The odd-even scheme has been implemented again by the government from 8 am to 8 pm.


  • Generator sets will be banned in the capital.


  • The EPCA (Environment Prevention and Control Authority) has shut down all the hot mix plants, stone crushers and brick kilns in the capital.


  • EPCA has directed Delhi metro to reduce the fares during off-peak hours, also to add more coaches so that people largely use public transport instead of private ones.


  • All the eateries; hotels, restaurants are immediately asked not to use coal and firewood.


Currently, Delhi and its neighboring regions are seeing the worst situation and are almost in still conditions. Meanwhile, the smog and bad quality of air are worsening day by day, dense smog has engulfed the city leading to delays in transport services like flights and trains. Government is continuously taking steps and measures in order to provide aid to people.