Dilwalon ki Dilli

Delhi’s been acting as the capital of the country for a long time now. It has successfully claimed and maintained the title of Desh ka Dil and Dilwalon ki Dilli.

It already had the Parliament and the President’s house and had the access to market, so it was the most obvious choice.

Even though Delhi was declared as the national capital by the Britishers under the British rule, but due to all the favorable conditions and its rich heritage, Delhi continued to be the national capital.

Delhi has been the choice even back in Mughal era.

Being a proud Delhiite for over a decade now, I can confirm the boons of being in Delhi.

You will rarely run out of options to send your vacations, there are dozens of malls and historical places that can successfully entertain your day.

And not to forget the Taj Mahal; every once in a while it is the perfect destination to spend the full moon night.

Over the years, the city has developed tremendously.

The national capital region (NCR) has become the fort of multinational companies; they have hugely contributed to the economy of the place.

It has led to high demand of employees and thus population.

Crime Rate and Pollution

You cannot have a perfect utopia; if you do, it got to have some dark secrets.

The high job rate has attracted people from all over the globe, and people aren’t always good.

The crime rate is always on the rise; Delhi has been infamously dubbed as the rape capital.

It has witnessed some of the most dreadful rape cases of the Indian history.

The developing lifestyle has opened gates for better means of transportation and hence pollution.

Delhi has been constantly ranked as one of the most polluted cities in the world.


Delhi is the national capital of the country, and it needs to act like one.

It needs to come out as an example and prove its worth to all the other cities of the world.

We can work together in order to achieve a better and safer capital.