We all have expectations.

Being humans, it is natural to have expectations.

As we grow up, we come across many stories and incidents, and we hope things to happen the same way.

After watching The Notebook, women all across the globe expected their boyfriends to be equally romantic.

And after watching motivational movies like 3 Idiots, a lot of the students wanted to quit their studies and set out on a journey to find their passion. They believed to meet the same level of success as the actors in the movie did.

Those are expectations.

So what is vision?

There is a huge difference between vision and expectations.

You are disappointed when you do not meet your expectations. You try a couple of times more but when failure continues to strike you down, you decide to pick the ulterior option.

Vision is different.

When you have a specific vision for your future, you will work hard till you achieve it. You will sacrifice everything for the sake of it, your passion, friends, relatives and even your peace. You are not going to rest till you have it. Every time you fail, you are motivated to further to get up and strike harder.

Nothing can bring you down.

A lot of people confuse vision and expectations.

They will take their vision for granted, they will prioritize other aspects of life more than their goal.

They won’t make any sacrifices. They want to achieve everything in life for free.

And they blame others for their failure.

Success is a tough road.

People know it won’t be easy, but some of us try to look for an easy way.

There is no easy way for it.

You have to go through countless thoughts that you won’t make it, and the thought of giving up scares you more than failure.

Expectations are never met.

Visions always come true.