1st July, 2017

Note: Read Dystopian Chronicles Part 1

Life is unfair, but what is the point of living a fair life.

The rich people lose their happiness and the happy people are poor. We seek a successful and a comfortable life but when we achieve that, we realize the hollowness is not satisfied yet.

What do we seek? Love? Happiness? Friends? Family? Purpose?

What are we? If we are meant to die, why should we even bother?

The new rules do not allow kids to be out in the dark.

There are rules regarding how much each kid is allowed to play or interact.

Sometimes when I look at these kids, I envy, they do not realize how damaged this world is.

Sometimes I feel pity for these kids; they have no rights, no freedom and no mean to explore their creative abilities.

Rules are meant to be broken, we are born to be dead, and meals are prepared to be consumed!

There are ironic paradoxes all over.

Everyone believes themselves to be the center of the universe, but we fail to understand which rules are allowed to break, what kind of life never dies and every meal is not the same.

This is not the first time I am going through an existential crisis.

I have it quite often; I believe I am the only one who realizes how much order has disturbed our lives.

Am I the only one who is capable to think?

Few years back, when the fear of World War 3 started to rise, the world realized the need to implement a stronger and better world order.

The world was united, but there was no better way to do it; the rights of the common man were stripped.

There could have been riots but they took away even some of our basic rights.

A united order was enforced on us, a united law and a common currency value was introduced.

I was offered a high role in the government office, but I declined it.

If I had taken the job, I might have been living a better and a way more comfortable life, but then I would have been contradicting myself.

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