Vinylux is a weekly nail polish which uses no base coat and is more durable with natural light exposure. This technology offers high gloss finish without UV/LED exposures, stay longer and gets removed like a regular nail polish. It lasts for a week without chipping.


What it is?

While ordinary polishes becomes deteriorate and brittle with time, Vinylux nail paints dries flawlessly in 8 to 10 minutes. It is a breakthrough polish which embraces a week of fashion perfection. The full benefit of a vinylux nail polish is with clean nail plate and a proper manicure. This is an original power polish. Even, some customers have endured their polish for almost two weeks. This is a nail polish that will never disappoint you.

How it works?

Weekly top coat and Vinylux nail polish are uniquely designed to work together. You can apply this nail polish without any base coat. It will automatically form a vinyl-like texture that won’t chip like the ordinary nail polish. All you need to do is keep your nails clean and dry. Then, seal the color with the topcoat and let it dry for 8 minutes. This high tech is expertly designed for sustaining over a week. After one week all you need to do is apply the topcoat again.

Easy Application

  • Change the nail color when you want to, not because you have to.
  • Apply two light and thin coats of Vinylux nail polish weekly.
  • Finish the manicure with a Vinylux topcoat for durability.
  • For excellent results, use CND Shellac Nourishing Remover. It will ensure Vinylux is removed easily and gently.

Benefits of Vinylux polishes

  • Almost 80% of the clients did not have chipping within 7 days of the manicure.
  • The innovative technique of self-adhering color coat eliminates the requirement of a basecoat. The topcoat with Prolight technology enhances the durability with time if exposed to natural light.
  • The Vinylux nail polish provides over 62 shades to change weekly and over 30 shades that matches popular Shellac shades. It is very convenient and efficient for at-home touchups.
  • Vinylux nail paint dries completely in eight and half minutes. Ordinary or standard nail polish takes almost 15 to 20 minutes.


  • CND Vinylux nail polish is 5- free (DBP, Formaldehyde, Camphor, Toluene and Formaldehyde Resin).
  • It comes with a CND polish bottle for effects and pre-color.
  • The brush is flat, thin and flexible for easy application.
  • The polish is manipulative and flows easily on nails. It provides excellent pigmentation.
  • The nail polish ensures perfect coverage in just two thin coats.

Alluring colors in Vinylux nail polishes

  • CND Vinylux in Gilded pleasure (Metallic)
  • CND Vinylux in Electric orange (Neon)
  • CND Vinylux in Rock royalty (Plum)
  • CND Vinylux in Pretty poison (Glitter)
  • CND Vinylux in Seaside party (Creme)
  • CND Vinylux in Mauve maverick (Pastel)

As nail paint fanatics, we always crave for something new and durable. The Vinylux nail polishes provides both high gloss and extended wear. The innovation in these nail colors has transformed the nail industry. Manicures and pedicures were never so easy. If you have splitting and weak nails, this is the best option for you.