Italy is one of the leading countries of the world and it has been so since the early times. Italian culture is rich and detailed.

Whether it’s food, architecture, philosophy, or fashion, they have been at the top of the game. If you ever take a trip to Italy, you can experience their rich culture and experience some of the best-known delicacies of the world. Italians are good at everything, even partying to death. Tourism in Italy is growing each and every year.

The land is responsible for some of the most beloved dishes of the modern world; who can refuse anything that has cheese in it.

Here is a list of 10 dishes from Italy that you should try for sure.


1. Tiramisu



If you are one of those people who like to start their morning with coffee, this is made for you.

It makes use of coffee, so you can have something sweet and coffee at the same time.

Tiramisu translates to ‘pick me up’.


2. Mushroom Risotto



Risotto is a common dish in Italy. It’s like pulao there, so this should be on your list.

Add the goodness of mushroom, and there you have it, Mushroom risotto.

If you can’t make your mind where to go in Italy, just keep exploring the food at any restaurant.


3. Pasta Carbonara



It used to be highly popular among coal miners, and hence, the name got its inspiration from.

‘Carbonara’ means coal.

It uses guanciale, pig’s cheek, but bacon is generally used instead.


4. Bruschetta



It’s healthy and easy to make, so why not?

Bruschetta is simple and easily available; it is bread topped with easily available vegetables like tomato and mushroom.


5. Focaccia Bread



It is not only delicious but it’s so eye catchy. It is simply fresh dough topped with caramelized onions, olives, tomato slices, basil leaves, and grated parmesan cheese.


6. Capress salad with Pesto Sauce



This is for the ones who are currently on a diet.

It is simple yet classy; tomato, mozzarella cheese salad topped with freshly made pesto sauce.


7. Pizza



This is probably the most loved and known dish from Italy.

The third world war is probably going to be fought over the last slice of a pizza.

There are several franchises dedicated to bringing us the best taste of pizza, this is a blooming business.

Whenever you travel to Italy, make sure to have the native pizza.