What is the difference between a movie and real life? Unlike movies, life doesn’t end in 3 hours. You have to keep yourself motivated through the hard times, and it is not an easy task.

There are going to be so many moments when you will tell yourself you won’t make it; maybe it is the time you need to quit!

This is the exact moment you need to stay motivated.

Here is a list of 5 activities you can do to stay motivated.

1. Meditate

Give 10 minutes to meditation, daily. Close your eyes and try to cut yourself from everything that’s been distracting you lately. Focus on your breath or count. This will help you to tighten up your focus.

You need to stay focused, the lack of focus will deviate you.

2.  Watch some motivational movies

Movies like Pursuit of Happiness and Rocky will motivate you to get up and get back to your work.

Entertainment is an integral part of every living being; this will both entertain and motivate you, you are killing two birds with one step.

3. Visit your circle

Make sure to have a circle of pals sharing the same level of passion and aim.

This will help you to rejuvenate your motivation once you will see their progress and motivation.

Do you want to lag behind?

If your answer is NO, then make sure it stays that way.

4. Set your priorities straight

Make sure to set your priorities straight.

What comes first? Your friends? Your girlfriend/boyfriend? Your party hour?

Give time to other aspects of your life accordingly.

They are equally important, but you need to make your priority list and follow it.

5. Remind yourself why you started it.

This is the foremost thing you need to do.

Remind yourself why you started in the first place!

Do you want to live rest of your life like an average Joe?

If an average life is not your cup, then why are you not working?

Remember all the struggle you have been through, if you successfully survived them, you can survive anything.