The pursuit of Happiness is an ambiguous act. Everyone has their own definition, some people just wants to find out what makes them happy.

A lot of us envy the life of celebrities and wish to have the life they are living; the glamour, the attention, the money, their circle, and their fame, they sure look intriguing.

At one point or another, all of us have secretly wished to be a movie star.

So are they happy?

We see their glamorous life and instantly believe they are happy. We fail to see the sacrifices they have made, we fail to see their struggle, and definitely their hollowness.

You cannot be professionally successful and happy at the same time.

We might hear a lot of motivational videos that tell us how to keep the perfect balance between both the lives, the truth is, we can’t. It is a myth we tell to the working adults like we tell about Santa Claus to the kids.

It gives hope but so does the concept of Promotion and Bonus at the office.

A lot of people still believe that selecting the right politician will actually make a change.


What is happiness?

Once I asked a 5 year, he said “candy”.

Just think about it, something that merely costs few bucks can give the utmost happiness to someone.

As we continue to get older, we start to seek more, the “candy” doesn’t define happiness anymore. Eventually, we realize we are not capable to have luxuries like Lamborghini or a personal jet; we realize we have been blinded by the entertainment industry.

They told us everything is possible, but it has conditions, and most of us do not meet them.

We start to find happiness in irrelevant things. We follow trends, make friends, follow the norms of the society, believing they can make us happy, but deep down we know they won’t.

Probably lies are the only thing that stays true. Ah, the irony!

Gradually, there comes a time when we envy our 5-year-old version, someone who used to love “candy” above everything else.

The definition of “happiness” was clear.


What should we do?

Nature had everything to keep us alive, everything.

Human beings realized they are capable of doing more than what other animals can do. They started to take actions to control the growth of plants, thus began agriculture!

They realized they can do more; their curiosity pushed them further and they started inventing and discovering.


What makes you happy?

The closest universal answer would be – Purpose.

The day when you find the meaning behind your life, you realize your purpose, and once you do it, there is nothing that’s going to stop you.

But here comes the bitter truth, you have to let go everything in order to achieve your goal.

If your purpose is to become a legacy, you have to let go the dream of raising a happy family.

If your purpose is to raise your kids properly and take care of your parents once they retire, bid farewell to a professionally successful life.

Being professionally successful is more than achieving a high post. It means when you are the founder of something that gives job opportunities to numerous people so that they can raise and feed their family.


What should you choose?

Free will and destiny are polar elements. If one exists, other makes no sense.

A successful life or a happy life – What should you choose?

You can either be the man who witnesses his kid being happy over a “candy” and live the childhood through him or be the man who makes candies for those numerous kids for the same reason.

Society needs both, successful and happy!

It is something we choose.

But you have to sacrifice one for the sake of others.

Most of us fail to make that sacrifice and live their rest of life blaming others.

The child inside us never dies; we just learn how to hide it so that we don’t look vulnerable to others.

We believe someday we might find our purpose, but the ones who keep on waiting, continue to wait forever.

In the end, it is all about what you “love”.

The right answer can be judged only by you.

You are the only one who knows when you are lying, and if you are lying to yourself, you need to stop doing that.

Just figure out what makes you feel better about yourself or the things around you!