A couple of days ago we had some unwanted visitors. Some people came to my house at 10 pm at night. We were quite surprised at this interruption and asked them the reason of the visit?

They told us that they had come for the purpose of ‘discussing religion’. We dismissed them as summarily as they came!

This set my mind thinking.

Religion is basically an individual effort. It requires a transcendental or subjective view of life. This can only be obtained by contemplation or meditation. Possibly even under the tutelage of an able teacher.

But, unfortunately, some people try and make religion a platform to socialize or make economic gains.

They gather in large numbers ostensibly to hear religious teaching. But the real reason is obvious. They are gathering to gossip and socialize for furthering their own agendas!

Temple visits, satsangs and puja’s are all basically attended not so much from a holy perspective. But this attendance is a ‘holy sanction’ to gossip and socialize under the garb of religion.

When will this hypocrisy cease!