The college was the most memorable phase of my life.

Many consider the school era as their best phase. You have innocence, a childish dream, true friends; you love to blow fog out of your mouth during the winters and pretend like you are having a cigarette.

My school days gave me everything; my first crush, my favorite teacher, my passion, an opportunity to showcase my passion and some of the proudest moments of my life.

Although, college gave me one thing that school didn’t – an exposure to the world.

I learnt how to make decisions.

Back then, we loved to sit at the local tea store right next to the college. We used to constantly nag about the quality of the tea; some even joked about setting their own tea stall in front of the college.

We talked about several ingenious ideas; some even had the potential to be the next big thing in the market.

Everyone had dreams, everyone had the ambition; none had the will to wake up.

The world said to me, “You can do this once you cross 40. You will have the experience, money, influence and probably a better idea.”

I said to myself, “I don’t have experience, money, influence and I don’t know about the idea. I should wait for few years and then start.”

No one said to me, “You can do it. I have faith in you.”

I always envied the celebrities who made it big despite their unfavorable background. They had the support of the lady luck; life is unfair to some of us.

I decided to wait for the miracle; I started to wait for Hagrid to arrive and help me to discover my potential. I was sure I am something else beneath my skin.

I started devising quick ways to get rich; I was sure if I can make money easily, I can give time to my passion.

I came up with thousands of scams; some sounded really good in my head.

Somehow, I was not sure if that’s what I really wanted.

I thought to wait and see if that’s really what I wanted; I was keeping an eye on the happening of some miracle.

There was a white owl that used to show up at dawn; I used to wake up hoping the owl might have a message for me this time.

Eventually, all the friends from college started to get regular jobs; some had the dream to be the next singing sensation, some had the dream to lead the Indian cricket team.

Dreams remained dreams.

I still dream to own an art gallery and put my paintings there.

I have this urge to draw sometimes, but I say to myself that I don’t have the right pencil or the canvas.

Deep down I know I am making excuses to myself, but I don’t know why; maybe the kid inside me would dare to fly or maybe cause the kid inside me is dead and I don’t want to find it out.

Many times I still dream to open an art gallery; that’s how I make my most of the days at the office.

The hopes are shattered, but I am not letting it to scatter.

Why the unhappy and unsuccessful people suggest waiting while the happy and successful people suggest doing it?

Last month I tuned 40.

I have two kids and a loving wife.

My elder sun is preparing for college. He perfumed considerably well but I am not sure if his marks are enough to get him into a reputed college.

My daughter started to perform poorly at school since she started dancing classes. She was giving more time to her passion than her studies. I had to force her to quit her dancing. She is angry from me for doing so but I don’t want her to flunk. You can’t fool around during the 10th; it’s the most important step in the ladder.

She can resume her dancing once the final exams are over.

My first priority is to consume less sugar; I am diabetic now. Then comes the responsibility to bring vegetables every evening.

I am still waiting for the miracle.