Can you see the reasons I have built
Fear me because you have known lies and my guilt
I don’t want to feel the pain of life
Wash away the loneliness, and the stains of life (within)
Salt water fed to my open wounds
My tears are going to drown me soon
My world has broken down
No one to wait for me right now
Memories of your past
Will catch you if you are not fast
Can’t craft a life without you
Tired of playing my tricks, I wonder if I really exist

Too late to make the confessions
Graffiti on the black sky, known as constellations
Never praised the truth inside your eyes
Everything was shattered away, when you said you knew my lies
And every people will stare at you
But nobody will care for you
How can I survive so long!
I admit that I was the one to be wrong
I hate the sorrows on your side
Hate to see that you have cried
I will fight for your need
The shining stars don’t want to leave
Sweet touch and every kiss, I wonder if I really exist
So why you left me all alone
I need you, don’t want to fall alone
You never said anything
But still I knew what you will think
And the changes you wanted will come out
Separate me from your crowd
Angels like to keep control
The urge to become whole
Emotions will cry and speak, I wonder if I really exist
I can never say that to you