Back in 2007, Steve Jobs unveiled iPhone, the first model of his iPhone series.

Steve Jobs was able to make Apple standout due to his innovative vision and impeccable design; he knew how to come up with innovative designs that would appeal to the masses.

For the last few years, Apple has failed to come up with the same level of innovative iPhone models.

Many believe that the innovation of the company died with Steve Jobs, but nonetheless, they have continued to deliver the same level of quality.

Apple used to market itself as the ambassador of innovative tech, but with the unveiling of iPhone X, their mission to innovate technology has become a joke.


Apple is going to make the news anyway.

They have become an integral part of the pop culture.

But is the innovation even required?

Most of the popular applications and startups aren’t innovative anymore, they are appealing.

They are becoming viral, thanks to the social media, selling like hot cakes, and then being forgotten.

Pokemon GO shared the same fate.

Next year, Apple is going to unveil their next product and then the loop will continue.

The market is less about coming up with groundbreaking ideas, it has become a competitive ground where innovation has lost its mark.