90’ kids grew up watching all the Marvel and DC based cartoons. We owe our childhood to these shows.

I used to get back home as soon as I can to catch all the Justice League animated episodes. They used to be the sole topic of our conversation at school. I had a huge stash of Justice League comics.

The MCU and DCEU are trying its best not to let us grow, and we are thankful for it.

There have been many live action movies based on cartoons and comic book movies.

There have been many movie franchises that targeted the young audience. Christopher Nolan, one of the best contemporary directors, redefined the Batman movies. His Batman trilogy has a dark and mature tone, unmatched by any superhero movie so far.

MCU changed the scene when they released Iron Man back in 2008.

MCU initiated the trend of mega-franchise; they have released 16 movies so far, each of them has been a success.

DCEU is all set to release Justice League in the fall of this year. The 90’s kids have been waiting for this for ages.


What’s with the hype?

Justice League is the DCEU’s answer to MCU’s immensely successful Avengers.

Avengers was a superhero crossover movie that puts all the superheroes from the movies MCU had released prior to that. It united all the fans of the individual MCU movies.

Iron Man had appealed to the fans of superheroes that rely on their tech and intelligence. Robert Downey’s witty playboy attitude was an instant hit among the fans. He did justice to both Iron Man and Tony Stark.

Hulk might have been the least known superhero movie from MCU’s Phase One, but it helped to establish Hulk in a more mature and realistic way than its earlier iterations. It showcases the agonizing side of the superhero.

Thor appealed to the fans of sci-fi and nerds who prefer God like superheroes (is it right to make a Superman joke?). The mesmerizing view of Asgard was a treat to the eyes. Thor was based around the theme that how an alien entity might react to the earth’s customs.

Captain America is a shift from all the light-hearted superheroes. His movies stress on the political conspiracies in the government. Chris Evans perfectly portrays a soldier who is out of his time. He has no knowledge about the modern culture and has a poor hold on using the modern technology.

Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johanson and Jeremy Renner play Nick Fury, Black Widow, and Hawkeye respectively. They play important roles in moving the story.

The success of the movie green lit two equally successful sequels (wait, Civil War was not Avengers 3?). It earned 1.5 billion at the box office and became a cultural phenomenon.

DC had to do something to tackle the unimaginable sales of the Marvel comics due to the immensely popular movies. DC owns few shows like Smallvile under their belt, but movies reach a wider audience and make more money.

Justice League movie might lead to a new era of Superhero movies.

Competition makes everything better.

Is it going to be a hit or a miss?

MCU started slow but steady. They have produced 16 movies so far and after two more movies, they are going to release the ultra hyped, Avengers: Infinity War.

The success of the studio has elevated the expectations.

Justice League is going to be the fifth movie from DCEU.

Their earlier movies have been moderate to disappointing, except for Wonder Woman.

Man of steel was above average.

Dawn of Justice received bipolar reviews and bombed at the box office. Yes, it bombed. It earned more than the production cost but earned less than the expected mark.

Suicide Squad was another movie that divided the audience. It managed to become a hit and yeah… earned an Oscar too.

Yeah, the costume design of Killer Croc earned them an Oscar. (Go ahead DC fanboys, bash Marvel).

It was a good take though.

Wonder Woman was not only the first DC movie to earn favorable reviews but to receive overwhelmingly positive reviews. It was the perfect balance between brutality and fun moments.

So it’s not wrong to get hyped about Justice League.

DC has released several Justice League animated movies that have gained positive reviews.

So let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Why are the DCEU movies always compared to MCU movies?

DC and Marvel have been the competitors for ages. There have been many successful runs by several companies but nothing matched the success of DC and Marvel.

DC owns some of the most iconic superheroes like Batman and Superman.

Marvel has some of the most beloved characters like Iron Man and Fantastic Four. Marvel has been accused of ripping DC characters; DC has done it too on some occasions.

Both DC and Marvel movies have mature and funny characters, but DC mostly stresses on serious contents while Marvel focuses on the characters people can relate to.

When MCU unveiled their plan to release a shared universe, it was only a matter of time before DC would step into the ring.

DC expected to overthrow MCU with their overly popular characters, but DC learned the truth the hard way.

It’s only natural that people would compare them.

Sadly, people fail to realize both target different set of audience and their success has nothing to do with the content.

A bad movie can make billions; a good movie can flop at the box office.

Where is Superman?

It seems like DCEU is making all their movies based around Superman.

They have a good reason to do that; Superman has been one of the most iconic superheroes in the history. He has been voted as the most voted superhero in a poll conducted by IGN. He showcases the innocent side of the mankind who constantly faces the evil and cunning side of the mankind.

His death seems like a triggered event to the upcoming DCEU movies.

So is he out of the universe?

Probably not!

If we talk about the source material, they are probably using Death and Return of Superman where he was killed by Doomsday, but later it is revealed Superman was in a coma (oops…is it too late to put the spoiler tag?).

He might make a comeback soon.

It has been speculated that the future movies may take inspiration from the Injustice video games.

We got no clue if he is going to make an appearance in the movie or not, but his absence is going to be a vital part of the story.

If the Justice League members fail to take on Steppenwolf, Superman might make the comeback.

Let’s wait till the movies come out on 17th November.

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