With the passing time, women diamond rings are becoming more desirable as because of its speechless design and the clarity of the diamonds.

While buying a diamond ring, you need to keep in mind that it must stand out. It is because people really care about rings and will always ask to show them that. So, make sure they admire it and feel jealous.

And men if you want to know the way to win the hearts of your beloved wives then gift them a diamond ring this anniversary. No matter how many mistakes you have made, everything will be forgiven.

If you haven’t shopped for a diamond ring before or just need an expert advice, read on. I will give you the most crucial points that you will need to remember while buying your diamond.

4Cs of a diamond: Carat, cut, color and clarity are the 4 Cs of a diamond. The carat means the weight. Be careful while choosing the weight of your diamond because it should be the perfect match for your finger. The cut is the way through which a diamond is shaped. And there are official GIA grades for cuts. So, if you are planning to buy a diamond ring, make sure your diamond has the highest grade in cutting. The color of the diamond doesn’t mean the naturally colored diamonds like red, blue, black or yellow diamonds. It means the whiteness of a white diamond. There is also a grading system to evaluate the color of your diamond. And it starts with D and ends up to Z, where D is the most colorless and Z has the yellowish white of the diamond. The clarity of the diamond or the quantity of the impurities or blemishes can also be measured by a grading system. Clearly, you can easily choose the best diamond once you ensure the top grades.

The shape of the diamond:The shape of the diamond hugely matters because it is the one that makes all the difference in the look. It also changes how the diamond will sparkle. So before buying your diamond, you need to try some of them on your fingers to choose the perfect shape for your hand.

Metal:Now finally comes the metal. For rings, platinum goes the best. You can also try different types of gold. It actually depends on the shape of the diamond and style of the ring. Some diamonds go better with gold, some just sparkle more in platinum. As, diamonds are woman’s best friend, to choose the perfect diamond ring for you, this anniversary, you obviously need to be picky.  

Bottom Line:The best part is women diamond rings are customizable which means you can design and style on your own. You can pick your metal, shape of the diamond and the setting. In this way, you will get the best diamond ring for you, that will be admired by everyone. So, don’t just wait up, go and buy a diamond ring now and make your anniversary special.