The world is getting under the clutches of pollution. We need Captain Planet more than we ever needed him in the past.

Due to the rise of transportation, mining, deforestation, urbanization, and lack of measures to check on them is causing the inclination of pollution.

Here are some of the major cities that are heavily polluted.

Although, the list is not permanent as the measure to check pollution keeps varying from city to city.

Also, the cities continue to implement new ways to check pollution. Urbanization also plays a plays a major role in the fluctuation.

1.  Zabol, Iran

The dust storms contain harmful particles that can easily destroy the human lungs if inhaled.

2. Gwalior, India

The act of burning gases and fumes from fossil fuels has turned this place among one of the most polluted places.

3. Allahabad, India

Coal-burning power plants, deforestation, vehicle emission coupled with hanging wind patterns have left the city in a polluted city.

4. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The pollution from the factories and vehicles along with the sandstorms has made the city a bad decision to live in.

5. Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia

The city is the home to one of the largest producers of aluminum. The factory is the primary culprit behind the pollution.

6. Patna, India

The city has been facing major pollution issues since last few years.

7. Raipur, India

The place is known for being home to some of the leading factories producing sponge iron that is the cause of their polluted condition.

8. Bamenda, Cameroon

Deforestation played the vital role in the pollution.

9. Xingtai, China

It is the most polluted city in China. It is dubbed as the steel capital of China.

10. Baoding, China

The city is powered by coal and some the neighboring villages.