Supernatural movies are so popular because they defy the very logics of physics and hint at the possibility that a higher power is there. It not only fascinates us but makes us ask the fundamental question – how?

Most of the times, the supernatural movies are based on fictional events. So it is safe to assume that everything that happens within the laws of physics.

Does it?

There are cases that have baffled even the sharpest minds on the planet.

Here are some cases that might make you believe in the existence of a higher power.

Markonahalli Dam

State: Karnataka

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There is a certain ditch that is infamous for causing bikes to stop. Many people have suffered the problem.

It is believed an old lady was buried there.

Kongka La Pass

State: Himalayan Range

So you believe the only USA is obsessed with the idea of aliens?

There is a region at the India China border, where people believe there is an active UFO base.

The Drowning Church

State: Karnataka

The church was built by French in 1860’s. In 1960’s, Indian Government built Gorur Dam. It causes the Church to drown when the water is released from the dam. The church resurfaces when the water level decreases. The phenomenon has given a unique charm to the Church.

The Tale of Twins at Kodinhi

State: Kerala

The town is a peculiar case. There are multiple cases of twins, and I am not talking about one or two cases of twins.

There are around 200 cases of twins and few triplets.

The Hanging Pillar at Lepakshi

State: Andhra Pradesh

This is an example of the phenomenal architectural work done in India in the ancient times. There is a pillar among all the pillars; the pillar is not attached to the floor.

It is called the floating pillar.

Scientists have failed to conclude the reason behind it.

The Lake of Skeletons at Chamoli

State: Uttarakhand

The glacier lake is a beauty to behold. Although, the lake has a secret that is scary and the reason it is on this list.

When the ice melts, there are around 300-600 skeletons show up. It is believed those skeletons date back to 15th A.d.

The Place of Suicidal Birds in Jatinga

State: Assam

This is one grotesque mystery on this list. During monsoons, the birds crash into trees and the crashing results into the death. This is a mass suicide attempt by the birds, and it leaves the ground full of dead birds.

Scientists have tried their best to know the bizarre behavior of birds during this specific season at this location. They have given some theories but they are not sure yet.

Bhangarh Fort

State: Rajasthan

It is known as one of the most haunted places in the country. Even there is a board that warns all the visitors about the place.

If this one intrigues you, you can check the blog about the Bhangarh Fort.

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Levitating Stone

State: Maharashtra

If you have found it hard to believe in curses, this may change your view.

There is a specific rock; there is only one way to lift it. 11 people are supposed to lift it with their forefingers; then call out the name of the saint who is believed to have placed the curse.

There is no other way to lift the rock.

The Gravity Defying Palace

State: Uttar Pradesh

This is another example that baffles every mind.

The structure is a 3 story building; that is standing without the support of any pillar or beam.