The modern science has helped us a lot to understand some of the most complex theories that was unknown to us. There was a time when even phenomena like rain were total strangers to us; we had to assume the existence of a supernatural entity responsible for such phenomena.

Some called them gods, while some believed them to be aliens.

Over the time, some of the most complex phenomena were understood and explained to the masses.

Although, we still struggle to understand some of the basic phenomena like atoms.

We have set our eyes on the space; it intrigues us and provides an opportunity to expand ourselves.

While a large part of the mankind struggles to improve the quality of life, some of us try to put their points through terrorism.

What is terror?

Everyone has their own definition of the word.

The act of terrorism has increased over the years.

In my opinion, terrorism has been always here, media was not there to broadcast this.

There were several tyrannical rulers; they were the very synonym of terrorism.

But the modern day terrorism is different; it is unclear, glorified and supported by people.

There are thousands of conspiracies linked to every terrorist act.

Do we need terror?

Terror has been a major element for every ruler to rule their countries efficiently.

If you do not impose terror, you will invite rebellions and foreign invasions.

Most of the modern countries follow democracy and need to maintain a clean record; imposing terror will only earn them bad reputation.

The best way to do it is to fund the terrorists so that the government can win the hearts of their people through their policies against the terrorists.

Terror is an integral part to rule any territory.

We need fear to stay active and alive.

This way we are not only being entertained but we do not question the government.

Imagine a world with no terrorists; we might not need those special military forces, and it means government cannot ask for taxes over maintaining those special military forces.

If the government can’t scare us, we would be controlling the government; that is supposed to be the idea of democracy.

Media won’t be able to make news; terror is the most popular segment of every news channel.

They glorify events like murder, rape and terror.

These elements invoke fear in us; it is easy to control us once we are scared.