There is a Japanese saying that says every human being has three sides – one that he shows to the world, one that he shows to their closed ones, and the one they keep it to themselves.

Batman’s arch nemesis, Two-Face is a visual representation of how people are – two-faced.

He possessed a coin, he used to make all his decisions after flipping that coin; he allowed the fate to decide the course of his actions.

The two sides of the human mind need a common path to make the decisions.

And that common path is our ugly side.

The Good

We all seek acceptance, we all do.

Human beings can’t stay isolated for long, they need to indulge in some form of social gatherings, and it helps them to stay mentally fit.

Even introverts do need some kind of social interactions from time to time, they need it in limited doses, but they still do.

Extroverts are probably the best at doing gatherings.

We put up a persona that is supposed to be widely accepted – the good.

The Bad

There is a bad side among all of us.

The sweet lady you met at the café is apparently not so sweet.

There is a bad side, a wicked side among all of us.

That side is mischievous, loves to play pranks, and loves to test others, cheat and even mock others, even the handicapped.

The bad side is hidden from the general world, but over time our closed ones realize it.

We show it to our closed ones, once we have built enough trust.

It is probably not a good idea to reveal our sadistic or odd fetishes to the general world; we fear that we might be mocked or rejected.

In case of extroverts, they use both their personas in front of the people; it helps them to maintain their control over the people. They are good at revealing their emotions.

Introverts and ambiverts might use their hobbies to reveal their bad side.

The ugly

What is the ugly side?

In simplest terms, the ugly side is our truth, which we actually are.

In simpler terms, it is what we actually desire.

Our desires are actually pretty simple – it is something that our childhood version could never had.

It could be anything from eating an apple pie to have a conversation with our crush, a simple walk in the rain to spend some time with our family.

So why is it the ugly side?

The answer is simple – everything we do revolve around our desire.

Once our desires have been exposed, we can no longer put that Good or the Bad side.

Everything would be meaningless.

We need to have a persona or truth that is not known to anyone but us.