Heartaches, moaning for what you’ve lost

Heart wreck, the divine holy ghost

The living, a realm living in fear

Grieving, silent whispers that I hear

Enormous pain, inflicted on me

Tears rolling, for the Charon to see

Breaking, the state of eternal rest

Bathing, the mortals stare at the crest

Painful, a mother singing lullaby

Painkiller, kiss me the final goodbye

Eyes are red, guilt’s in my sight

Standing beside, holding his scythe

I wish to stay with you, this time I won’t lie

I cannot let you leave my side, this time I won’t cry

The current is taking me

It’s tough to withstand the temptation

A story told through empty prayer

Cold and blank

Hollowness that dwells in your mind, a tale of sorrow

The state of oblivion refuses to leave, guest for tomorrow

Let me leave now, I can’t stay for long

Set me free tonight, time will heal the void

Behold the mighty, reaper is here

Lust for the blood, clear in his grin

Separate the life from the living, mocking the weak

Take the martyrs away

– Viswa (Kolkata)