The wheel is one of the best man-made inventions.

Imagine how our world would have been if we didn’t have realized that it is easier to roll down things than to push or drag them.

The transportation industry was born out of it.

Yes, air and sea travel do not exactly rely on wheels but they still play a vital role.

The transportation industry established a long ago, and it is one of the most successful and blooming industry.

A few years back, Uber came up with a simple yet brilliant idea.

Their idea changed the whole transportation industry and today it is “THE” most successful startup.

But how did they reach the spot?

What happened?

Did they sell their soul to the Satan?

If not, will they?

They not only affected the taxi business but there are speculations that they might affect the overall car industry.

How can a small idea change everything?

They did the basic thing i.e. they saw the loophole in the industry and tried to come up with the solution.

The truth is they didn’t do anything special.

They simply took advantage of the system.

How many times were you overcharged?

How many times you were mistreated by the cab driver?

How many times you didn’t like the way the driver drove you to your destination?

The usual cab drivers left open a wide opportunity and it was just a matter of time before someone would have taken advantage of it.

Uber is not a perfect solution by any means.

We keep hearing how taxi drivers have harassed a customer or in some cases, we hear how the customers were overcharged.

But it is certainly a better platform.

You have a place where you can complain.

Today a lot of startups have adapted the same business model and they are doing well.

Maybe the competition will help these industries to overcome their shortcomings.