There are some restaurants that induce class and unique concepts. It helps them to stand out and stand out in the market.

And then there are these restaurants, they defined the concept of uniqueness in their own unique way. They are bizarre in every possible way, no matter how you look at them. These restaurants serve good quality foods, but the quality is not the factor that keeps calling the visitors again and again.

1. A380 In-flight Kitchen

Country: Taiwan

X factor: The interior of the restaurant has been designed like the interior of an airplane.

2. Underwater Restaurant

Country: Maldives

X factor: The restaurant is situated 5 meters below the sea level.

3. Redwoods Treehouse

Country: New Zealand

X factor: It is built in a pod shape in a redwood tree. It is 32 feet above the ground.

4. Tombs Restaurant

Country: India

X factor: You will get to dine with the dead. The restaurant is set on a graveyard.

5. Dinner in the Sky

Country: Belgium

X factor: The restaurant is situated 150ft high in the sky.

6. Vampire Café

Country: Japan

X factor: The cafe has been regularly visited by vampires. Just kidding! But the interior may make the same impression.

7. El Diablo

Country: Spain

X factor: The restaurant is set inside a live volcano. They make use of the volcano’s fire to grill their food.

8. Mars Restaurant

Country: United States of America

(photo credit: National Geographic Channels/Robert Viglasky)

X factor: Mars themed restaurant.

9. Labassin Waterfall Restaurant

Country: Philippines

X factor: Enjoy your lunch while getting your feet wet.

10. Fanweng Restaurant

Country: China

X factor: The restaurant is partly inside a cave and partly hanging on the cliff.