In 1983, Steve Jobs had recruited John Sculley to serve as Apple’s CEO who was working at Pepsi-Cola.


He had asked him a simple thing, “Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water, or do you want a chance to change the world?”

Sometimes the entrepreneurs are so busy to build a solution, they do not worry if there was any problem at the first place.

Failure does not knock on the door out of the blues.

Instead, you can predict it coming. There are times you fail because you made the wrong decision, sometimes you fail because you didn’t make one.

Failure is inevitable, it is going to catch you soon.

A lot of products do not serve any specific purpose. They become part of the trend, and once the trend has left, the product dies.

Before starting a venture, ask yourself – what am I selling?

Have you ever asked a girl out?

Starting a venture is not so different.

You make a risk – there are chances to fail but there are equal chances to succeed.

Starting a venture is all about risk.

You take a step and you have no idea what the result is going to be.

This is not gambling. Unlike gambling, you will find enough opportunities to fix your failures.

Remember, failures are inevitable. Here, you have to go through failures before anything else, and then your efforts, patience, and hard work will bring the good results.

Sometimes your effort and leap of faith bring the good results, other times you have to bring the good results.

Back to the initial question – what are you selling?

An entrepreneur must ask this to himself before setting out. The answer will give motivation and provide enough willpower to make through the struggle.

What are you selling?

This is the third time I am bringing up the question, so I hope you have prepared a nice answer.

The question doesn’t intend to ask about the product.

The question means to ask every entrepreneur the hidden values behind their product.

Unlike business, you do not measure the success of your product with how much profit you are making.

In case of a startup, the value is measured based on how efficiently you are solving the product. If the product is efficient and you have faith in your product, then your product is destined to make it in the market.

If you are waiting to make the profit, you are a businessman, not an entrepreneur.

If you don’t believe in your product, how can you hope others to believe in your product?

Steve Jobs sold the vision to John Sculley.

John Sculley had everything, but he received a chance to be part of something big, and something better.

We can live without cold drinks, but imagine a life without our computers.

Steve sold him his vision, and John wouldn’t have joined if he didn’t have to witness the faith in Steve.

A lot of us spend our lives waiting for things to happen.

When we realize they won’t be happening, it is too late to get up and make them happen.

We do not have faith is us, but we want others to show the faith in us.

Ironic, isn’t it?

We measure our potential based on what others think about us. Others opinions matter to us more than our beliefs matter to us. Out of compulsion, we fear to break the comfort zone.

The fear of failure traps us in our own self-crafted cage.

Failure will find you someday, you got to find the failure first.

The failure that finds you first!

If you got to fail, fail like this is the best thing that happened to you.

Ask out your crush, make that bold step that might lead to controversies – do something that you didn’t do yesterday.

If you want to achieve more than others, you have to become better than others.

You have to fail at least thousand times before you get to taste success.

If you are playing safe, you are not making any mistakes, and thus you are blaming others for your failures.

When Nokia faced bankruptcy, the CEO claimed

“We didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow, we lost”

That is the exact reason they failed. They didn’t do ANYTHING wrong, they failed to realize the opportunity and lost the opportunity to become the next big thing.

The failed to embrace change!

They were too afraid to fail, and despite having everything, they lost, somehow.

They had money, influence, power, fame, global reach, and yet they lost, somehow.

So while you are figuring out what you are selling to your customers, also ask yourself – if you are not successful yet, what are you doing wrong?

Maybe you haven’t done anything wrong or maybe not doing enough mistakes!

Maybe you are waiting for becoming big and then make the necessary arrangement? Yes, maybe you are still failing because you are waiting too much.

How long are you planning to wait?

If you are still planning to wait, maybe you don’t have enough faith in your product.

Maybe you are too occupied with the definition of success defined by others that you have forgotten to craft your own definition of it and work accordingly.

Think carefully, and act.