“The way to live life is easy. Follow the rule – SSS. If you want to be Successful, you need to face Struggle and make Sacrifices” – June Catastrophe

A lot of us fail to realize the true essence of life.

Would you like to go and pay $5 for a movie where the protagonists wins the heart of the girl, defeats the enemy and saves the world within the first 10 minutes of the movies?

Obviously no!

We like to see the protagonist struggling through the tough times, we want to see him keep getting up and then finally achieve victory.

This is how life is, this is how life should be.

Life is all about choices.

We make the choice that we find easy, and then we cry how life is unfair to us.

Life is unfair to all of us.

There is someone who has endured more struggle than you, there is always someone who has been through more pain than you.

If you are doing nothing but crying for you, life is always going to be unfair to you.

In fact, if life is not unfair to you, then it is being unfair to you.

You are not growing as a person.

Do not make the decision where you are guaranteed to be successful, rather make the decision that will turn into a story.

Craft stories, don’t be part of one, be the writer of one.

Write your own stories, make things happen.

You have to let go the easier path, you have to sacrifice what you could have gained easily.

This will teach you the power and value of belief.

You have to have faith in what you are doing.

Struggle and sacrifice teach you how to be successful.

People whine about not being successful in their life when they did nothing extraordinary.

The path to becoming successful is not easy, it shouldn’t be!

You are going to have more than everything else, so you have to lose more than others. You have to make efforts more than others.



There is a voice in our head that guides in our tough times. 


Most of the times, the voices belong to others.

There is a voice of our parents, teachers, relatives, friends, siblings, significant ones who tell us what we should do.

Very rare, we hear the voice that belongs to us.

It happens rarely but it does happen.

We are often afraid to hear that voice, we fear to face ourselves.

Remember the tie when you were the kid, you promised yourself to become an astronaut, doctor, army officer, engineer or maybe Batman.

Over time, our voice is crushed by the voices of the others.

We put more weight on their voices, because….well…because…I can’t think of a reason.

Why do we value their voice more than our voice?


Why do we believe they are right?

Are we so afraid to be alone that we are ready to do anything to have their company?


Are we that eager to fit in that we are ready to forget who we are?

We give up everything to be part of the society, and then we blame the society for changing us.

Maybe deep down we love to cry, we like to be dominated, we like when we are told what we should be doing…maybe it is not the fear of loneliness, it is the fear of being lost or the fear of being wrong!

What if we are wrong?

Don’t you ever want to find it out?

If no, then why not?

The cycle repeats. The fear and insecurity trap us, we believe the easier path is the right one, because most of the people are following it.

Are they successful?

Yes, in their way or world they are. But are they successful according to you?

What is your definition of success?

Unless you go through the struggle, you won’t find out the meaning of success and life.

And only then you will gain enough courage and belief to make sacrifices.

If you are not successful yet, blame yourself!